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Бежицкий р-н: ул. Ульянова 4 оф. 207
Советский р-н: ул. Софьи Перовской 83 оф. 104

+7 (4832) 318-111, 344-848

пн-пт 09:00–18:00; сб 10:00–16:00

WELCOME TO BRYANSK! Entertaining excursion guide «Banya, Vodka, Accordion and Herring» - 3 days/2 nights

Entertaining excursion guide!

Program Description

3 days/2 nights

1st Day 

Meeting guests.

Game city tour: «Secrets of Ancient Bryansk» comes with game elements and entertaining program.

You will visit main sights of the city, among them there are Pokrovskaya mountain, Gagarin boulevard, Embankment, the Trinity Cathedral and Immortality barrow. Amazing surprises are awaiting for you at each of these objects!

An entertaining tour ends in one of the local Bryansk restaurants where guest will take part in cooking demonstration of some traditional dishes like hash brown potato and Russian dressed herring and after that culinary class there will be dinner.

Optionally in your evening free time you can visit banya * – Russian sauna. (We highly recommend to do it. You have to book it in advance).

2nd Day

Breakfast at the hotel.

Excursion entertaining program at the «Vinogradov Parking», or at the «Partisan Glade». It is historical reconstruction with the elements of shooting.

Lunch (field kitchen optionally).

Private brewery visit goes with taste test which production is supplied and exported to the best restaurants of the city!

Evening – free time.

3rd Day

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visiting of private Fairy Tales Park «Far Far Away Kingdom», where guests can dip into the atmosphere of Russian Fairy tales, make a wish in the «Magic ear» that will surely come true, have a ride in the Hut on chicken legs and get loads of positive emotions remembering childhood.

Then we are going to Equestrian centre «Zhuravka», where amazing program is already awaiting for us:

Tour around the equestrian center and mini zoo.

Horseback riding or riding in the wagon.

Tea party goes with flavored pastry.

There will be a master class from the Bryansk Cossacks that will demonstrate Cossack martial art – slashing with a saber. Guests will be able to try slashing with real sabers and enjoy with spectacular program on the possession of a war weapon.


You can also get any excursion programs around Bryansk and Bryansk region.

Have an unforgettable city break in Russia and get a sea of positive mood!

The cost of the excursion
is calculated depending on the availability of the group's own transport, and can also be recalculated taking into account current prices for transport and excursion services.

The program can be supplemented with a visit to any museum and theater in Bryansk at the request of the group.

Order by phone:
(4832) 34-48-48, 72-43-48, 34-50-10

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